Father Joseph Dunne Service Award

At the 1984 NYSFAAA Council Meeting, the members of that body voted to name at least one of the NYSFAAA Service Awards in memory of the late Reverend Joseph Dunne, C.M., former Executive Vice-President of Niagara University and a "founding father" of NYSFAAA.

Annually at the NYSFAAA Conference, one Achievement Award and at least one Service Award may be presented for outstanding achievement and service to the Association. In recognition of Father Dunne's longstanding service to NYSFAAA since 1968, the Executive Council's action places great emphasis on the tremendous role which he enacted as an aid administrator and spiritual aide for Association members.

The first NYSFAAA Service Award in the name of Father Dunne was awarded at the Uniondale Marriott conference site during the days of October 21-24, 1984.


2021 Lucy Villaquarin
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1997 Debra K. Schreiber
1996 Ann White
1995 George Lipper
1994 Michael P. Fraher
1993 Karen M. O'Brien
1992 Joan Farley
1991 Richard E. Oboyski
1990 J. Scott Atkinson
1989 Irvin Bodofsky
1988 Edward Hutchinson
1987 Daniel R. Hunter, Jr.
1986 Curtis C. Gaume
1985 Joaquin Jiminez
1984 John E. View

Mr. Thomas Monahan Service Award
Mr. Monahan served in the New York City Regional Office from 1969 until 1972 as a Program Officer. He represented Title IV programs in the years following the very first Higher Education Act of 1965 when those programs were in their formative stages. It was also a period of decentralization in HEW with few formal regulations. It was his ethics, integrity, and professional credibility that directed the FAOs of this state toward the purpose and itent of the legislation. Those were also the years when NYSFAAA was in its formative stages. Its first conference was in 1969 and Mr. Monahan represented the Office of Education. His emphasis on professionalism enabled the Association to embark on high standards and goals. He was also the pricinpal trainer at NYSFAAA's first Novice Training Workshop in 1970 at Skidmore College.

NYSFAAA announced at its 18th Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs, New York, that a second Annual Service Award will be presented in memory of Tom Monahan, thus honoring his many contributions and his commitment to NYSFAAA.

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1992 Theresa Cantarella
1991 James Murphy
1990 George Chin
1989 Heather McDonnell
1988 Michael McGraw
1987 Amy M. Connors
1986 Fred P. Zuccala


Mr. George Chin Award for Leadership

2018 J. Scott Atkinson


NYSFAAA Founders Service Award
The New York State Financial Aid Administrators Association was organized by a group of individuals with a vision. Their purpose was to advance the cause of financial aid, advocate for higher education, and provide a professional forum for the exchange of ideas. Their work and vision led to the development of this organization that we affectionately call NYSFAAA.

Annually at the NYSFAAA conference, service awards may be presented for outstanding achievement and service to the association. Beginning in 1991, in recognition of Emory of those founders who gave of their time and vision, NYSFAAA designates the third and subsequent Service Award presented in any year to be the NYSFAAA Founders Service Award. The Service Award will be a living memorial for the Association as the Executive Council will be charged with updating the roster of past member to which this award will be forever dedicated.

The first founder to be so remembers by this award was William Troy. "Bill" Troy was involved in the early development of NYSFAAA. He served as Corresponding Secretary. Regional Councilperson, and Newsletter Editor. Moreover, he was friend and mentor to many financial aid professionals, acted as an advisor to explain the federal allocation formula for campus based funds, and trained many of our current members. Bill was especially proud of the number of financial aid professionals who worked under his tutelage and advanced to the position of director. After his retirement from SUNY College at Buffalo, Bill and his wife, Virginia, worked throughout the Buffalo area to help develop scholarships and endowment funds that allowed many students to further their education.

William Troy will be remembered as a NYSFAAA founder.


2020 Kerrie Cooper
2020 Daniel Sistarenik
2019 Angela M. Van Dekker
2017 James F. Murphy
2012 Howard Leslie
2011 Lisa Simpson
2006 Daniel R. Hunter, Jr.
2005 Ken Kogut
2003 Earl Tretheway
2002 SueAnn Sheehan
2002 Warren Hoffman
2001 Ed Reiman
2000 Thomas Dalton
1999 Michael Scarpelli
1998 Val Nixon
1996 Helen Lukasik
1996 Evelyn DeStio
1996 William Cheetham
1995 Thomas G. David
1992 Edward J. Quirk
1992 Darryl Anderson
1991 Nancy VanZetta


Sister Bernadine Hayes and Rusty Hopkins Service Award
In October 2000 NYSFAAA established a new service award recognizing the significant contributions women have made to NYSFAAA (this association) by paying the highest honor to two of the most outstanding female members of our organization as chosen by our membership.

Sister Bernadine Hayes began her NYSFAAA career in the late 1960’s while at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn. She was actively involved in early Novice Training and Guidance Counselor Outreach. She served on NYSFAAA Executive Council from the seventies to the eighties and still provides her expertise as a member of the Department of Education with her customary style, grace and positive approach. In 1983 NYSFAAA awarded her a 15th Anniversary Recognition Award, and now a new NYSFAAA Award will bear the stamp of Sister Bernie.

Mary “Rusty” Hopkins was appointed as Assistant Dean of Students at Wells College in 1960. This led to her appointment as Coordinator of Financial Aid and charter membership in NYSFAAA. She was a member of the NYSFAAA Executive council throughout the seventies and was actively involved in the Novice Training Workshop held at Wells for many years and was an exceptional role model and mentor for many. Her advocacy was also evidenced in her testimony before the NYS Senate and Assembly Committees. This new NYSFAAA Award will honor a leader whose work exemplifies the desire to assist others out of a sense of duty, rather than for personal gain, which typified Rusty Hopkins.

Starting in October 2001 at Ellenville, this award will be presented annually to a member who has provided continuing and outstanding service at the regional and statewide levels. Recipients of this award will be chosen for the quantity and quality of their service to NYSFAAA regardless of gender, race or national origin.


2021 Jeanne McCarthy
2020 Debra A. Evans
2019 Lea A. Nuwer
2018 Renee B. Nunziato
2017 LaSonya A. Griggs
2016 Janice Scheutzow
2015 Kristina G Delbridge
2014 Susan Mead
2013 Ideta Daniel
2010 Kerry Lubold
2008 Mary Jo Brockel
2007 Judi Miladin
2006 Joan Warren
2005 Samantha Veeder
2003 Cathy Bellomo
2002 Karen Price-Scott
2001 Lisa Simpson