Achievement Award

These awards are based on nationally and/or regionally recognized service to the student financial aid field and/or the significant advancement of the profession by individuals from the State of New York or elsewhere. Such candidates may include elected officials, agency representatives, education leaders, or NYSFAAA members. Such activity may have the impact of expanding student resources, improving delivery opportunities or promoting the profession of financial aid administration.

2022 Robert Zasso
Sean Sherwood
2019 Barbara Hochberg
2009 Heather McDonnell
2007 Mike Williams
2005 Congressman Timothy Bishop
2004 Michael McGraw
2003 Lawrence S. Zaglaniczny
2001 Peter J. Keitel
2000 Assemblyman Edward C. Sullivan
1998 Irvin Bodofsky
1997 J. Scott Atkinson
1995 Michael J. Scarpelli
1994 D. Bruce Johnstone
1993 John E. View
1993 George Chin
1991 Cornelius J. Foley
1989 Governor Mario M. Cuomo
1988 William Moran
1986 Delores E. Cross
1984 Kenneth P. Lavalle
1983 James Moore
1982 Joseph Sciame
1980 Dallas Martin
1977 Richard P. Biondi
1975 Martin L.Leftkovits
1974 Charles V. Rainey
1974 Peter Costigan
1972 Milton Jonas
1971 Allen Carter

General Service Award

Issued to NYSFAAA members based on service for those who advance the cause of NYSFAAA, and/or the advancement of the profession within the State of New York.

2022 Christopher Earnshaw
Stephanie Stock
2020 Patricia L. Donahue
Linda Athearn-Forster
2019 Robert H. Miller
Lynn M. Sabulski
2018 Eugene Rogers
2017 Robert Zasso
2016 BJ Revill
Michael Turner
2014 Laura Worley
2012 Anne Barton
2011 Steve Dwire
2010 Wayne Harewood
2008 John Austin
Ken Storms
2004 Clair Jacobi
2003 Gustavo Rivera
2002 Sharon Karwowski
2002 Gerald Kelly
2001 Daniel Sistarenik
1997 Debra K. Schreiber
1996 Ann White
1995 George Lipper
1994 Michael P. Fraher
1990 Cathy Bellomo
1988 Dennis Tillman
1985 Rudy Santo
1983 Donald R. Moore
1983 Harlene Mehr
1983 Richard Welch
1983 Keith Bundy
1983 William Troy
1982 Michael J. Scarpelli
1981 Donald B. Whitlock
1980 Micheileen Doran
1979 Mary (Rusty) Hopkins
1979 Anthony Bellia
1978 Joseph A. Russo
1977 John Kenny

Circle Award

The NYSFAAA Circle Awards are awarded to outgoing executive council members as recognition and appreciation of their service on both a state-wide and regional basis. 


Renee Swift
Brian Smith
Anne Sullivan Polino
Lucinda Snyder
Rochelle Filler

2021 Lea Nuwer
BJ Revill
Susan Godreau
Claire Jacobi
Stacey Hawkins
2020 Debra Evans
2019 Ajana D Wilkinson
Robert J Zasso
Kathy M Michalski
2018 Kelly H. Kelly
Michelle Fountaine
2017 Kerry Lubold
Margaret Christian
LaSonya Griggs
Diane Donohue
Amy Thompson
Todd Moravec
2016 Janice Scheutzow
Kathy Flaherty
2015 Sean A Hudson
Melissa M Casselman
Kristina G Delbridge
Roberta Daskin
Lucila A Villaquiran
Eugene Rogers
Patricia Johnson
2013 Steven W. Dwire
Michele A. Rizzo
Lisa E. Papke
Dawn M. Langdon
Daniel Robinson
Lou Palefsky
Shalena R. Duprey
2009 Lynn Chilson
Patricia Arcuri
Earl Tretheway
Kerry Lubold


Citation of Appreciation Award

Awarded to members or non-members for general activities or singular functions which have supported the goals of NYSFAAA and/or have contributed to the welfare of its members.

2022 Liz Berry
2021 Sean Sherwood
2020 Ideta Daniel
Christine DeSousa
Kelly Kelly
Jeanne McCarthy
2019 Crystal A Krudis
Janice M Hilbrink
2018 Heather M. Adner
Lea A. Nuwer
Wendy G. Rizzo
2017 Samantha J. Veeder
2015 Laura M Helmich
JoEllen Saucier
2014 Maria Livolsi
2013 Theresa K. Chastain
Lou Palefsky
LaSonya A. Griggs
2012 Bill Cavin
Sue Mead
Dan Sistarenik
Sarah Macri
Lea Nuwer
Lucila Villaquiran
Gina Soliz
Debra Evans
2011 Lisa Simpson - for Novice Training
Lisa Papke - for Novice Training
Holly Zaglaniczny - for the Federal Relations Comm
Kathy Flaherty - for Awards Committee
2010 Cathy Patella
Vera Senese
Beth Post-Lundquist
Laura Worley
Sherwood Johnson
2009 Bonnie Evans
Debra Evans
Brian Matthews
Dan Sistarenik
2008 Thomas Dalton
Sharon Karwowski
Cathleen Patella
Angela VanDekker
2006 Patricia Johnson
2006 Howard Leslie
2005 Sherrie Sheppard
2005 Jim Vallee
2005 Beth Post
2004 Lisa Simpson
2004 Kelly Robinson
2004 Diane Dixon
2004 Jennifer Dwire
2004 Katrina Delgrosso
2004 Anne Del Plato
2004 Scott Atkinson
2003 Brenda Smith
2003 James Hanley
2002 Michael Williams
2002 Patricia Ronan
2001 Jeffrey Baker
2001 David Ricks
2001 Linda Bridgewater
2000 Pierre Alric
2000 Robert Quinn & Peter Weiss
1999 Daniel R. Hunter, Jr.
1999 Richard E. Oboyski
1999 Vincent J. Scalise
1998 Frank Hynes
1997 Vincent Vater
1997 Lawrence Seligman
1997 Rudy Santo
1996 Maureen Fitzgerald
1993 Peter J. Keitel
1992 John Joyce
1992 Kenneth Storms
1990 Diane Dixon
1988 John Reeves
1988 Ellen Frishberg
1987 Ed Walsh
1985 Thomas F. Monahan