Presidential Appreciation Award

These awards are issued to our outgoing presidents in gratitude for their diligent leadership and dedicated industry on behalf of the Association.

2022 Adrienne King
2020 Howard Leslie
2018 Darrin Rooker
2016 Kerrie Cooper
2014 J. Scott Atkinson
2012 Dan Tramuta
2010 Curt Gaume
2008 Heather McDonnell
2007 David Canaski
2006 Judi Miladin
2004 Anne Barton
2002 Cathleen Bellomo
2000 William Cheetham
1998 Thomas Dalton
1996 James F. Murphy
1994 James Murphy
1992 Edward Hutchinson
1991 Heather C. McDonnell
1990 John E. View
1988 George Chin
1986 Donald R. Moore
1984 Irvin W. Bodofsky

Presidential Citations for SLATE work

2007 Pierre Alric
2007 David Canaski
2007 Tom Dalton
2007 Gayle Grunwald
2007 Jim Vallee
2007 John View

Special Recognition Awards
An award to recognize individuals at particular milestones in their careers or the history of NYSFAAA, or for career services to this association and profession.

2012 Justin Draeger, NASFAA


Special 50th Anniversary Recognition Award

2018 Irvin Bodofsky

Special 40th Anniversary Recognition Award


Assemblyman Kevin Cahill
Joseph P. Frey

Special 35th Anniversary Recognition Award

2003 Senator Kenneth P. LaValle

Special 30th Anniversary Recognition Award

1998 Peter Keitel
1998 George Chin

Special 25th Year of Professional Service Recognition Award

1993 Robin P. Jaycox

Special 20th Year of Professional Service Recognition Award

1988 Joseph Sciame

Special 15th Year of Professional Service Recognition Award

1983 Reverend Joseph G. Dunne, C.M.
1983 Carl Bello
1983 George Chin
1983 Peter Haste
1983 Sister Bernadine Hayes, C.S.J.

Special NYSFAAA Presidential Recognition Award and Governor's Proclamation

2007 George Chin
2006 Irvin W. Bodofsky


Deputy Speaker Arthur O. Eve

Special Lifetime Achievement Recognition Award

2021 Howard Leslie
2021 John Curtis
2019 Donald A. Whitlock
Robin Jaycox
2018 Michael J. Scarpelli
2016 Dan Hunter
2015 J. Scott Atkinson
2014 Curt Gaume
John View
Judi Milidan
2011 Joe Russo
2009 Heather McDonnell
2004 George Chin
2000 Irvin W. Bodofsky
2000 Joseph Sciame