September 18th webinar, 10 AM – 12 noon

Having Fun with Taxes 1 – File Review in the New Tax World

The first of this year’s tax webinars for financial aid officers will look at the basic information that financial aid officers need to understand about tax returns – with a focus on how our work has changed now that the tax forms have changed. The webinar will include a complete review of the tax forms – including a line by line look at where the FAFSA data are located and what to do if the applicant or family member does not file a form that has a FAFSA data item on it. All Department of Education guidance related to the new tax forms will be covered, especially guidance related to the new qualification criteria for the Automatic Zero EFC and Simplified Formula need analysis variants.

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September 23rd webinar, 10 AM – 12 noon

Having Fun with Taxes 2 – Conflicting Information in the New Tax World

The Department of Education continues to maintain that financial aid officers do not need to be tax experts – but as our student’s and our students’ family members’ tax returns grow more complicated, it sure feels like we do need to be experts. In our second tax webinar, we will look at two parts of the tax code that the Department expects financial aid officers to understand: who must file a tax return and what the correct filing status for a taxpayer should be. Changes to the standard deduction and the way taxpayers get tax breaks for dependents have significant implications related to who must file – and we will carefully review these changes. And while the filing status rules have not changed much, more and more filers are using an incorrect filing status – so the webinar will look at both how to determine the correct filing status – and how to explain to students and family members their next steps to resolve conflicting information.

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