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Welcome to the NEW New York State Financial Aid Administrators Association website.

Howard Leslie, NYSFAAA President

Wow! We are entering our 52nd year and the association is doing more amazing things than ever – leading the way on cutting edge accomplishments. This brand new website, you are on, was launched, as scheduled and successfully on June 26, 2019. If you are a guest, we welcome you and hope you stick around, become a member and return frequently. If you are a frequent flyer member we certainly hope you are enjoying the new functionalities and reorganization.

 I want to point out a major new addition to the website - “Videos for Students” (provided by Ocelot). We did this to provide a very valuable service for Students, Parents and School Counselors. We invite you to be a frequent user of our website, not only for these videos but for all the other news, information and events (keep an eye on our calendar, that we provide.  Comments/feedback ([email protected]) are welcome. Let us know how we can be of further service. After all, NYSFAAA only exists because of you.

 So, what is NYSFAAA?

 NYSFAAA is a non-profit organization comprised of nearly 1500 Financial Aid Professionals as well as other Higher Education Providers, such as High School College Bound Guidance Professionals. Our prime directive is to help promote equal access to education in New York State. We achieve this goal by advocating on behalf of our members and our students, and by providing aid professionals with extensive training.
As part of being in the NYSFAAA team/family, members enjoy full support and educate each other by networking and sharing information. Through our multiple list-serves, internal (private) and external (public) Social Media, EmpireChat BLOG, Newsfeeds, Regional Meetings, 12 or more webinars a year (each archived for future viewing) and our regularly posted Podcasts (Webinars and Podcast FREE with the annual $70 membership fee). In addition, we have our nationally recognized Novice Training, Leadership Training, Annual Conference, and various other activities - so much, that you will find that the networking that occurs is always the cherry on the NYSFAAA cake that I and all of us are so proud of.

Members – most of your feedback about the new website has been positive. The few concerns have been moderate and you have all been patient. I thank you for that. Sometime this year we will have introduced our BOT. We will have been the first Financial Aid Association to have a BOT. It will (or should I say he will) not only be cute and adorable but extremely informative. His job is to help you navigate the website but also to inform you about NYSFAAA, statewide and regional, activities.

If you are not a member – trust me – IT PAYS TO BE A MEMBER. Join the family and have a blast with us as we do a whole bunch of training, networking and whatever we can for students. The BOT will be there to help you as well. Students, Parents and School Counselors alike - you will find that the BOT will help answer your Financial Aid Questions. Again, he is cute adorable and amazing – AS IS NYSFAAA.

Howard Leslie, NYSFAAA President - [email protected]


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January 16  10:00am - 12:00pm  2020-2021 Verification – Putting Regulatory Guidance into Practice for the Upcoming Processing Cycle

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This webinar will provide an overview of the 2020-2021 Federal Verification requirements, documents, and resources. Information that will be covered include conflicting information, marital and tax filing status, working with taxes given the new tax form changes, and other items that are confusing to applicants and time consuming to aid administrators.






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2020 Annual Conference




October 26-29, 2020

Hilton Hotel

Huntington, NY







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