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1/5/24 FAFSA/TAP Webinar 2024-25


Click Here

Handout for TAP

03/2023 New FSA Guidance on Third-Party Servicers (TPS) Click Here

QA Handout

10/2022 NYSFAAA School Counselor Webinar Click Here Workshop Agenda
Student Aid
Special Circumstances
New York State Aid
10/2022 2023-2024 Annual FAFSA and TAP Application Training Click Here Tool Kit
TAP Application Process
04/2020 CARES Act and the Latest Guidance from FSA Click Here Handout
04/2020 Coping and Mental Health During COVID-19 Click Here Handout
05/2020 Protecting Student Privacy in Virtual and Remote Work Environment  Click Here Handout 1
Handout 2
05/2020 National Emergency - CARES Act - Student Loan Relief Click Here Handout
05/2020 Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds: CARES Act Panel Click Here N/A
05/2020 Adjusting To Our New Normal:
A How-To on Staying Sane, Healthy and Productive When Working from Home
Click Here Handout
06/2020 System Issues when Modifying your FAMS when Modifying your Terms Click Here Handout
08/2020 Five pandemic issues higher ed should be talking about right now but aren’t
Planning on re-opening?
Click Here Handout