Recognizing NYSFAAA members for their contributions and leadership is a cornerstone of our Association, and is a rich tradition that spans decades.  Be sure to view our awards, and be sure to recognize your colleagues by nominating them for awards.

Service Awards

Achievement Award
General Service Award
Circle Award
Citation of Appreciation Award

Named Service Awards

Father Joseph Dunne Service Award
Mr. Thomas Monahan Service Award
Mr. George Chin Award for Leadership
NYSFAAA Founders Service Award
Sherwood Johnson Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award
Sister Bernadine Hayes and Rusty Hopkins Service Award

Special Awards

Presidential Appreciation Award
Presidential Citations for SLATE work
Special Recognition Awards
Special 55th Anniversary Recognition Award
Special 50th Anniversary Recognition Award
Special 40th Anniversary Recognition Award
Special 35th Anniversary Recognition Award
Special 30th Anniversary Recognition Award
Special 25th Year of Professional Service Recognition Award
Special 20th Year of Professional Service Recognition Award
Special 15th Year of Professional Service Recognition Award
Special NYSFAAA Presidential Recognition Award and Governor's Proclamation
Special Lifetime Achievement Recognition Award

Regional Awards

Regional Award Winners
Rising Star Recipients

Achievement Award

These awards are based on nationally and/or regionally recognized service to the student financial aid field and/or the significant advancement of the profession by individuals from the State of New York or elsewhere. Such candidates may include elected officials, agency representatives, education leaders, or NYSFAAA members. Such activity may have the impact of expanding student resources, improving delivery opportunities or promoting the profession of financial aid administration.

2022 Robert Zasso
Sean Sherwood
2019 Barbara Hochberg
2009 Heather McDonnell
2007 Mike Williams
2005 Congressman Timothy Bishop
2004 Michael McGraw
2003 Lawrence S. Zaglaniczny
2001 Peter J. Keitel
2000 Assemblyman Edward C. Sullivan
1998 Irvin Bodofsky
1997 J. Scott Atkinson
1995 Michael J. Scarpelli
1994 D. Bruce Johnstone
1993 John E. View
1993 George Chin
1991 Cornelius J. Foley
1989 Governor Mario M. Cuomo
1988 William Moran
1986 Delores E. Cross
1984 Kenneth P. Lavalle
1983 James Moore
1982 Joseph Sciame
1980 Dallas Martin
1977 Richard P. Biondi
1975 Martin L.Leftkovits
1974 Charles V. Rainey
1974 Peter Costigan
1972 Milton Jonas
1971 Allen Carter

General Service Award

Issued to NYSFAAA members based on service for those who advance the cause of NYSFAAA, and/or the advancement of the profession within the State of New York.

2023 Sonya Stein
Stacey Hawkins
2022 Christopher Earnshaw
Stephanie Stock
2020 Patricia L. Donahue
Linda Athearn-Forster
2019 Robert H. Miller
Lynn M. Sabulski
2018 Eugene Rogers
2017 Robert Zasso
2016 BJ RevillMichael Turner
2014 Laura Worley
2012 Anne Barton
2011 Steve Dwire
2010 Wayne Harewood
2008 John AustinKen Storms
2004 Clair Jacobi
2003 Gustavo Rivera
2002 Sharon Karwowski
2002 Gerald Kelly
2001 Daniel Sistarenik
1997 Debra K. Schreiber
1996 Ann White
1995 George Lipper
1994 Michael P. Fraher
1990 Cathy Bellomo
1988 Dennis Tillman
1985 Rudy Santo
1983 Donald R. Moore
1983 Harlene Mehr
1983 Richard Welch
1983 Keith Bundy
1983 William Troy
1982 Michael J. Scarpelli
1981 Donald B. Whitlock
1980 Micheileen Doran
1979 Mary (Rusty) Hopkins
1979 Anthony Bellia
1978 Joseph A. Russo
1977 John Kenny

Circle Award

The NYSFAAA Circle Awards are awarded to outgoing executive council members as recognition and appreciation of their service on both a state-wide and regional basis. 

2023 Shalena Clary
Peg Steans
Sonya Stein
2022 Renee Swift
Brian Smith
Anne Sullivan Polino
Lucinda Snyder
Rochelle Filler
2021 Lea Nuwer
BJ Revill
Susan Godreau
Claire Jacobi
Stacey Hawkins
2020 Debra Evans
2019 Ajana D Wilkinson
Robert J Zasso
Kathy M Michalski
2018 Kelly H. Kelly
Michelle Fountaine
2017 Kerry Lubold
Margaret Christian
LaSonya Griggs
Diane Donohue
Amy Thompson
Todd Moravec
2016 Janice Scheutzow
Kathy Flaherty
2015 Sean A Hudson
Melissa M Casselman
Kristina G Delbridge
Roberta Daskin
Lucila A Villaquiran
Eugene Rogers
Patricia Johnson
2013 Steven W. Dwire
Michele A. Rizzo
Lisa E. Papke
Dawn M. Langdon
Daniel Robinson
Lou Palefsky
Shalena R. Duprey
2009 Lynn Chilson
Patricia Arcuri
Earl Tretheway
Kerry Lubold


Citation of Appreciation Award

Awarded to members or non-members for general activities or singular functions which have supported the goals of NYSFAAA and/or have contributed to the welfare of its members.

2023 Shalena Clary
Joe Weglarz
2022 Liz Berry
2021 Sean Sherwood
2020 Ideta Daniel
Christine DeSousa
Kelly Kelly
Jeanne McCarthy
2019 Crystal A Krudis
Janice M Hilbrink
2018 Heather M. Adner
Lea A. Nuwer
Wendy G. Rizzo
2017 Samantha J. Veeder
2015 Laura M Helmich
JoEllen Saucier
2014 Maria Livolsi
2013 Theresa K. Chastain
Lou Palefsky
LaSonya A. Griggs
2012 Bill Cavin
Sue Mead
Dan Sistarenik
Sarah Macri
Lea Nuwer
Lucila Villaquiran
Gina Soliz
Debra Evans
2011 Lisa Simpson - for Novice Training
Lisa Papke - for Novice Training
Holly Zaglaniczny - for the Federal Relations Comm
Kathy Flaherty - for Awards Committee
2010 Cathy Patella
Vera Senese
Beth Post-Lundquist
Laura Worley
Sherwood Johnson
2009 Bonnie Evans
Debra Evans
Brian Matthews
Dan Sistarenik
2008 Thomas Dalton
Sharon Karwowski
Cathleen Patella
Angela VanDekker
2006 Patricia Johnson
2006 Howard Leslie
2005 Sherrie Sheppard
2005 Jim Vallee
2005 Beth Post
2004 Lisa Simpson
2004 Kelly Robinson
2004 Diane Dixon
2004 Jennifer Dwire
2004 Katrina Delgrosso
2004 Anne Del Plato
2004 Scott Atkinson
2003 Brenda Smith
2003 James Hanley
2002 Michael Williams
2002 Patricia Ronan
2001 Jeffrey Baker
2001 David Ricks
2001 Linda Bridgewater
2000 Pierre Alric
2000 Robert Quinn & Peter Weiss
1999 Daniel R. Hunter, Jr.
1999 Richard E. Oboyski
1999 Vincent J. Scalise
1998 Frank Hynes
1997 Vincent Vater
1997 Lawrence Seligman
1997 Rudy Santo
1996 Maureen Fitzgerald
1993 Peter J. Keitel
1992 John Joyce
1992 Kenneth Storms
1990 Diane Dixon
1988 John Reeves
1988 Ellen Frishberg
1987 Ed Walsh
1985 Thomas F. Monahan

Father Joseph Dunne Service Award

At the 1984 NYSFAAA Council Meeting, the members of that body voted to name at least one of the NYSFAAA Service Awards in memory of the late Reverend Joseph Dunne, C.M., former Executive Vice-President of Niagara University and a "founding father" of NYSFAAA.

Annually at the NYSFAAA Conference, one Achievement Award and at least one Service Award may be presented for outstanding achievement and service to the Association. In recognition of Father Dunne's longstanding service to NYSFAAA since 1968, the Executive Council's action places great emphasis on the tremendous role which he enacted as an aid administrator and spiritual aide for Association members.

The first NYSFAAA Service Award in the name of Father Dunne was awarded at the Uniondale Marriott conference site during the days of October 21-24, 1984.

2023 Sean Sherwood
2021 Lucy Villaquarin
2020 Darrin Rooker
2018 Troy Martin
2017 Howard Leslie
2013 Patricia Johnson
2010 Kevin Ryan
2008 Earl Tretheway
2006 Nancy Teodecki
2004 Gail Drapala
2002 Kerrie Cooper
2001 Michael Pede
2000 Heather McDonnell
1999 Anne Barton
1998 Cindy L. Oberjosh, EdD
1997 Debra K. Schreiber
1996 Ann White
1995 George Lipper
1994 Michael P. Fraher
1993 Karen M. O'Brien
1992 Joan Farley
1991 Richard E. Oboyski
1990 J. Scott Atkinson
1989 Irvin Bodofsky
1988 Edward Hutchinson
1987 Daniel R. Hunter, Jr.
1986 Curtis C. Gaume
1985 Joaquin Jiminez
1984 John E. View

Mr. Thomas Monahan Service Award

Mr. Monahan served in the New York City Regional Office from 1969 until 1972 as a Program Officer. He represented Title IV programs in the years following the very first Higher Education Act of 1965 when those programs were in their formative stages. It was also a period of decentralization in HEW with few formal regulations. It was his ethics, integrity, and professional credibility that directed the FAOs of this state toward the purpose and intent of the legislation. Those were also the years when NYSFAAA was in its formative stages. Its first conference was in 1969 and Mr. Monahan represented the Office of Education. His emphasis on professionalism enabled the Association to embark on high standards and goals. He was also the principal trainer at NYSFAAA's first Novice Training Workshop in 1970 at Skidmore College.

NYSFAAA announced at its 18th Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs, New York, that a second Annual Service Award will be presented in memory of Tom Monahan, thus honoring his many contributions and his commitment to NYSFAAA.

2022 Daniel Robinson
2019 Kerry L Lubold
2016 Jim Hanley
2015 Perry G Brown
2014 Kathy Flaherty
2013 Tanya Patterson-Stanley
2009 Gina Soliz
2008 James Vallee
2007 Howard Leslie
2006 Nancy Brewer
2005 Mim Brown
2003 William Mack
2002 Cindy Kohlman
2001 Keith Stevenson
2000 Johanna Kelly
1999 Archie Cureton
1998 Angela Castiglione
1997 James F. Murphy
1996 Sherwood Johnson
1995 Diane Dixon
1993 John K. Curtice
1992 Theresa Cantarella
1991 James Murphy
1990 George Chin
1989 Heather McDonnell
1988 Michael McGraw
1987 Amy M. Connors
1986 Fred P. Zuccala

Mr. George Chin Award for Leadership

2018 J. Scott Atkinson

NYSFAAA Founders Service Award

The New York State Financial Aid Administrators Association was organized by a group of individuals with a vision. Their purpose was to advance the cause of financial aid, advocate for higher education, and provide a professional forum for the exchange of ideas. Their work and vision led to the development of this organization that we affectionately call NYSFAAA.

Annually at the NYSFAAA conference, service awards may be presented for outstanding achievement and service to the association. Beginning in 1991, in recognition of Emory of those founders who gave of their time and vision, NYSFAAA designates the third and subsequent Service Award presented in any year to be the NYSFAAA Founders Service Award. The Service Award will be a living memorial for the Association as the Executive Council will be charged with updating the roster of past member to which this award will be forever dedicated.

The first founder to be so remembers by this award was William Troy. "Bill" Troy was involved in the early development of NYSFAAA. He served as Corresponding Secretary. Regional Councilperson, and Newsletter Editor. Moreover, he was friend and mentor to many financial aid professionals, acted as an advisor to explain the federal allocation formula for campus based funds, and trained many of our current members. Bill was especially proud of the number of financial aid professionals who worked under his tutelage and advanced to the position of director. After his retirement from SUNY College at Buffalo, Bill and his wife, Virginia, worked throughout the Buffalo area to help develop scholarships and endowment funds that allowed many students to further their education.

William Troy will be remembered as a NYSFAAA founder.

2020 Kerrie Cooper
2020 Daniel Sistarenik
2019 Angela M. Van Dekker
2017 James F. Murphy
2012 Howard Leslie
2011 Lisa Simpson
2006 Daniel R. Hunter, Jr.
2005 Ken Kogut
2003 Earl Tretheway
2002 SueAnn Sheehan
2002 Warren Hoffman
2001 Ed Reiman
2000 Thomas Dalton
1999 Michael Scarpelli
1998 Val Nixon
1996 Helen Lukasik
1996 Evelyn DeStio
1996 William Cheetham
1995 Thomas G. David
1992 Edward J. Quirk
1992 Darryl Anderson
1991 Nancy VanZetta

Sherwood Johnson Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award

Our Gentle Giant.

Sherwood Johnson was one of the kindest, gentlest, and caring people we ever had the privilege to call
friend and colleague. These traits were never more evident than when he was involved in welcoming
new financial aid administrators into the fold. It was evident to all who were fortunate enough to know
him that Sherwood accepted all people and that his love of students and his drive to help them succeed
was huge. He always greeted everyone with a smile and for those of us he knew well, a great big bear

He went out of his way to help students, parents, counselors, and colleagues. After graduating from
Howard University, Sherwood began his career as an Upward Bound counselor focusing on the
educational and financial needs of underserved students. He became the director at SUNY Stony Brook
later finishing his too short career as director at CUNY Brooklyn College. He spent many nights speaking
at high schools across Long Island helping families and counselors navigate the financial aid process.
A long-time volunteer at NYSFAAA Novice Training each spring, Sherwood warmly welcomed all who
attended. In classes he shared his knowledge and guidance with limitless generosity. He was a selfless
mentor and advisor to all the members of NYSFAAA. Sherwood not only brought a vast knowledge of
the profession to the new counselors, but he also shared his infectious sense of laughter and play. One
of the many endearing moments faculty and participants will always remember is the Eveready Bunny
played by Mr. Johnson at skit night (Geneseo 1991).

Sherwood was a friend to all and an example of giving of oneself for the betterment of others.
We proudly name the service award dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion in his memory.

2022 Kimberley Willis
2021 Tanya Patterson-Stanley
2021 Elizabeth Riquez


Sister Bernadine Hayes and Rusty Hopkins Service Award

In October 2000 NYSFAAA established a new service award recognizing the significant contributions women have made to NYSFAAA (this association) by paying the highest honor to two of the most outstanding female members of our organization as chosen by our membership.

Sister Bernadine Hayes began her NYSFAAA career in the late 1960’s while at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn. She was actively involved in early Novice Training and Guidance Counselor Outreach. She served on NYSFAAA Executive Council from the seventies to the eighties and still provides her expertise as a member of the Department of Education with her customary style, grace and positive approach. In 1983 NYSFAAA awarded her a 15th Anniversary Recognition Award, and now a new NYSFAAA Award will bear the stamp of Sister Bernie.

Mary “Rusty” Hopkins was appointed as Assistant Dean of Students at Wells College in 1960. This led to her appointment as Coordinator of Financial Aid and charter membership in NYSFAAA. She was a member of the NYSFAAA Executive council throughout the seventies and was actively involved in the Novice Training Workshop held at Wells for many years and was an exceptional role model and mentor for many. Her advocacy was also evidenced in her testimony before the NYS Senate and Assembly Committees. This new NYSFAAA Award will honor a leader whose work exemplifies the desire to assist others out of a sense of duty, rather than for personal gain, which typified Rusty Hopkins.

Starting in October 2001 at Ellenville, this award will be presented annually to a member who has provided continuing and outstanding service at the regional and statewide levels. Recipients of this award will be chosen for the quantity and quality of their service to NYSFAAA regardless of gender, race or national origin.

2023 Amy Thompson
2021 Jeanne McCarthy
2020  Debra A. Evans
2019 Lea A. Nuwer
2018 Renee B. Nunziato
2017 LaSonya A. Griggs
2016 Janice Scheutzow
2015 Kristina G Delbridge
2014 Susan Mead
2013 Ideta Daniel
2010 Kerry Lubold
2008 Mary Jo Brockel
2007 Judi Miladin
2006 Joan Warren
2005 Samantha Veeder
2003 Cathy Bellomo
2002 Karen Price-Scott
2001 Lisa Simpson

Presidential Appreciation Award

These awards are issued to our outgoing presidents in gratitude for their diligent leadership and dedicated industry on behalf of the Association.

2022 Adrienne King
2020 Howard Leslie
2018 Darrin Rooker
2016 Kerrie Cooper
2014 J. Scott Atkinson
2012 Dan Tramuta
2010 Curt Gaume
2008 Heather McDonnell
2007 David Canaski
2006 Judi Miladin
2004 Anne Barton
2002 Cathleen Bellomo
2000 William Cheetham
1998 Thomas Dalton
1996 James F. Murphy
1994 James Murphy
1992 Edward Hutchinson
1991 Heather C. McDonnell
1990 John E. View
1988 George Chin
1986 Donald R. Moore
1984 Irvin W. Bodofsky


Presidential Citations for SLATE work

2007 Pierre Alric
2007 David Canaski
2007 Tom Dalton
2007 Gayle Grunwald
2007 Jim Vallee
2007 John View


Special Recognition Awards

An award to recognize individuals at particular milestones in their careers or the history of NYSFAAA, or for career services to this association and profession.

2012 Justin Draeger, NASFAA

Special 55th Anniversary Recognition Award

2023 Lisa Simpson, HESC

Special 50th Anniversary Recognition Award

2018 Irvin Bodofsky

Special 40th Anniversary Recognition Award


Assemblyman Kevin Cahill
Joseph P. Frey

Special 35th Anniversary Recognition Award

2003 Senator Kenneth P. LaValle

Special 30th Anniversary Recognition Award

1998 Peter Keitel
1998 George Chin

Special 25th Year of Professional Service Recognition Award

1993 Robin P. Jaycox

Special 20th Year of Professional Service Recognition Award

1988 Joseph Sciame

Special 15th Year of Professional Service Recognition Award

1983 Reverend Joseph G. Dunne, C.M.
1983 Carl Bello
1983 George Chin
1983 Peter Haste
1983 Sister Bernadine Hayes, C.S.J.

Special NYSFAAA Presidential Recognition Award and Governor's Proclamation

2007 George Chin
2006 Irvin W. Bodofsky


Deputy Speaker Arthur O. Eve


Special Lifetime Achievement Recognition Award

2023 Darrin Rooker
2021 Howard Leslie
2021 John Curtis
2019 Donald A. Whitlock
Robin Jaycox
2018 Michael J. Scarpelli
2016 Dan Hunter
2015 J. Scott Atkinson
2014 Curt Gaume
John View
Judi Milidan
2011 Joe Russo
2009 Heather McDonnell
2004 George Chin
2000 Irvin W. Bodofsky
2000 Joseph Sciame

Regional Award Winners

The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals selected by the regions who have provided a significant contribution for the Association at the regional level.

Region I

2023 Nicole Griffo Hilbert College
2022 Marianna Loper Houghton University
2021 Jim Trimboli Niagara County Community College
2019 Daniel Tramuta SUNY Fredonia
2017 Kathy M. Michalski Niagara County Community College
2016 Jeanne Mossios Medaille College
2015 Sean A Hudson Canisius College
2014 Janet McGrath Trocaire College
2013 Rachel Barker SUNY Buffalo
2012 Leigh Bove Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc
2011 Michele Rizzo Canisius College
2010 Troy Martin St. Bonaventure University
2009 Lynn Chilson SUNY Buffalo State
2008 Kevin Ryan SUNY Buffalo
2007 Kathy Michalski Niagara County Community College
2006 Stephanie Kindzia SUNY Buffalo State College
2005 Abbey Linsner Nellie Mae
2004 Lea Nicholson Canisius College
2004 Mary Koehneke Canisius College
2003 Katrina Delgrosso Nellie Mae
2002 Mary Piccioli St. Bonaventure University
2001 Rick Ross M&T Bank
2000 Sherrie Hoadley HSBC Bank, USA
1999 Laura Worley Daeman College
1998 Cindy Oberjosh Niagara CCC
1997 Mary Jo Stetz St. Bonaventure
1996 Carolyn Jamison Medaille
1995 Bernice Anson Erie Community College
1994 Warren Hoffman SUNY Buffalo State
1993 Helen Lukasik Daeman College
1992 Maureen Salfi Niagara University

Region II

2021 Tayler Kreutter Roberts Wesleyan College
2020 Deidre Strutz SUNY Brockport
2019 Renee G. Swift Nazareth College
2018 Stephen G. Field Roberts Wesleyan College
2017 B.J. Revill University of Rochester - School of Medicine and Dentistry
2016 Margaret Christian University of Rochester - School of Medicine and Dentistry
2015 Melissa M Casselman Nazareth College
2014 Laura Formella Nazareth College
2013 Jane A. Gilliland SUNY College of Technology at Alfred
2012 Corinne Franklin Rochester Institute of Technology
2011 Lisa Papke Genesee Community College
2010 Janice Scheutzow Nazareth College
2009 John Smith Roberts Wesleyan
2008 Toni Greenlee Rochester General Hospital
2007 Susan Romano Finger Lakes Community College
2006 Nora Bell SUNY Brockport
2005 Valerie Nixon SUNY Alfred
2005 J. Scott Atkinson SUNY Brockport
2004 Mark Schwartz Monroe Community College
2003 Katrina Delgrosso Nellie Mae
2002 John Smith Roberts Wesleyan College
2001 Melissa Barbara SUNY at Brockport
2000 Cindy Kohlman SUNY at Brockport
1999 Joseph Bailey Genesee Community College
1998 Pamela Alvarez Monroe Community College
1997 Nancy Van Zetta Finger Lakes Community College
1996 J. Scott Atkinson SUNY Brockport
1995 Sherry Andersen University of Rochester
1994 Valerie Nixon SUNY Alfred
1993 Edward Reiman SUNY Geneseo
1992 Adrienne Cali St. John Fisher

Region III Robin Jaycox Service Award 

2023 Cynthia Roach  Syracuse (retired), ProEd
2020 Sean M. View Posthumous
2020 Kathleen Flaherty SUNY Oswego
2019 Darrin Rooker New York Chiropractic College
2018 Patricia L. Donahue SUNY Binghamton University
2017 Kevin J. Shults Syracuse University
2016 Kelly Henry Kelly LeMoyne College
2015 Tami Gilbeaux Inceptia
2014 Amy Connors Syracuse University
2013 LaSonya A. Griggs SUNY Upstate Medical Center
2012 Darrin Rooker New York Chiropractic College
2011 Bonnie Rooker Cayuga Comm College
2010 Patricia Johnson Syracuse University
2009 Jackie Darquea Cayuga Community College
2008 Annette Broski Mohawk Valley Community College
2007 Abbey Linsner  
2006 Nancy Teodecki SUNY Upstate Medical Center
2005 Kathy Flaherty SUNY Oswego
2004 Gina Soliz Syracuse University, College of Law
2003 Samantha Veeder Hobart & William Smith Colleges
2002 Eileen Muhlig Consumer Credit Counseling Service of CNY
2001 Marcelle Tyburski Colgate University
2000 Jan Klotz Educaid
1999 Vince Scalise Crestar Bank
1998 Sharon Karwowski-Tompkins Cortland Community College
1997 Carol Shea-Duggan Fleet Bank
1996 Keith Stevenson Syracuse University
1995 Not Awarded  
1994 Michael Pede Upstate Medical
1993 Sharon Halpin LeMoyne College
1992 Janet Whyland Cayuga College

Region IV

2021 Rochelle Filler Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2015 Nicole L Hoyt SUNY Empire State College
2014 Lisa Simpson HESC
2012 Kristina Delbridge SUNY Empire State College
2011 Anne DelPlato Nelnet
2010 Christina Roarke Excelsior College
2009 Earl Tretheway Columbia-Greene Community College
2007 Rebecca Cozzocrea Fulton-Montgomery Community College
2006 Joel Castiglione Hudson Valley Community College
2005 Jean Fura Citizens Bank
2004 Laura Augustine Union College
2003 Caryn Marlin Skidmore College
2002 Jennifer Hales Key Bank USA, Key Education Resources
2001 Tiffany Gutierrez Albany College of Pharmacy
2000 Catherine Berrahou The Sage Colleges
1999 Bettie Ternent College of St. Rose
1998 Kelley Robinson H.S.B.C.
1997 Tor Shekerjian Albany Medical
1996 Kenneth Clough Sage College
1995 Lisa Simpson R.P.I.
1994 Richard Oboyski Cobleskill
1993 Ann White Siena
1992 Earl Tretheway Columbia Greene CC

Region V

2021 Emma Ritter Vassar College
2021 Jennifer Trauman College Ave Student Loans
2019 Joseph Weglarz Marist College
2017 Scott F. Khare Marist College
2015 Tami Gilbeaux Inceptia
2014 Daniel Sistarenik SUNY New Paltz
2013 Roberta Daskin Sarah Lawrence College
2012 Perry Brown The College of Westchester
2011 Debra Bouabidi Rockland Comm College
2010 Gloria Goodwin Vassar College
2009 Patricia Arcuri Culinary Institute of America
2008 Daniel Robinson Pace University
2007 Janice Hilbrink Pace University
2006 Robert Zasso Dutchess County Community College
2005 Maria Barlaam Manhattanville College
2004 Kimberly Kyrou Rockland Community College
2003 Susan Mead Dutchess Community College
2002 Gerald Kelly Bard College
2001 Vincent Scalise College Loan Corporation
2000 Mildred (Mim) Brown Ulster County CC
1999 Heather McDonnell Sarah Lawrence College
1998 Financial Aid Office Staff Rockland Community College
1997 Harlene Mehr Mt. St. Mary’s College
1996 Nancy Stolarsky Rockland CC
1995 Sue Sheehan Orange County CC
1994 Michael Fraher Vassar College
1993 Gerald Kelly Bard College
1992 Harlene Mehr Sarah Lawrence College

Region VI Ajana D. Wilkinson Service Award

2020 Debra Bush-Ford New York Institute of Technology
2019 Anna Kopit Center for Allied Health Education
2018 Vanessa L. Barrios St. Joseph's College
2017 Ajana D. Wilkinson CUNY Kingsborough Community College
2016 James Gathard  
2015 Michelle E Bolton CUNY
2014 Maria DeInnocentiis Marymount Manhattan College
2013 Melanie Williams-Bethea Columbia University - Teachers College
2012 Adrienne King Bank Street College of Education
2011 Mike Turner HESC
2010 Lucila Villaquiran Relay Graduate School of Education
2009 Jennifer Trauman Access Group
2008 Brian Ghanoo NSLP
2007 Angela VanDekker Fordham University
2006 Joan Warren The Juilliard School
2005 Patty Herbst College Loan Corporation
2004 Brenda Smith TG
2003 Anthony Thompson Pratt Institute
2002 Barry Fischer SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology
2001 Tom Zarkos HSBC
2000 Clair Jacobi NY College for Wholistic Health, Education & Research
1999 1998 NYSFAAA Conference Committee
1998 Karen Price-Scott
1997 Evelyn De Stio
1996 Douglas Bucher
1995 Br. Thomas O’Neill
1994 Antonio Olivero
1993 Sandra Santana
1992 George Lipper

Region VII

2019 Evan Udowitch Hofstra University
2018 Amy Thompson St. Joseph's College
2017 Jeanne McCarthy SLM Corporation
2016 Debbie Evans Adelphi University
2015 Christine DeSousa ECMC Solutions
2014 Eugene Rogers Molloy College
2013 Jan M. Tassie SUNY Stony Brook
2012 Tanya Patterson-Stanley New York College of Osteopathic Medicine
2011 Debra Evans Adelphi University
2010 Nancy Brewer Suffolk Community College - West Campus
2009 Angelica Esparza Academic Finance Corporation
2008 Mary Torres-Erickson M&T Bank
2007 Sheryl Mihopulos Adelphi University
2006 Catherine Malnichuck SUNY Farmingdale
2005 Veronica Markiewicz-Grosch LIU – Brentwood Campus
2004 Angelica Bonfante-Esparza Academic Finance Corporation
2003 Clair Jacobi NY College of Oseopathic Medicine
2002 Jeanne McCarthy Chase Manhattan Bank
2001 Nancy Dunnagan Suffolk Community College
2000 Katie Briscoe-Baum Suffolk Community College
1999 Rose Bancroft Suffolk Community College
1998 Gail Drapala-Touro School of General Studies
1997 Janet Gray Crestar
1996 Joan Farley St. Joseph’s College
1995 Jacqueline Pascariello SUNY StonyBrook
1994 Paula Caldwell Drake Business
1993 Johanna Kelly Briarcliffe
1992 Cathleen Connolly-Glazer Chemical Bank

Region VIII

2023 Nicole Adner Clarkson University
2021 Carolyn Corcoran SUNY Potsdam
2020 Susan Godreau SUNY Potsdam
2019 Stacey M. Hawkins Clarkson University
2018 Mary E. LaPierre Clinton Community College
2016 Kathleen Parker SUNY College of Technology at Canton
2015 Heather M Adner SUNY College of Technology at Canton
2014 Todd Moravec SUNY College at Plattsburgh
2012 Mary Ellen Chamberlain Paul Smiths College
2011 Susan Aldrich SUNY Potsdam
2010 Kerrie Cooper SUNY College of Technology at Canton
2009 Carolyn Corcoran SUNY Potsdam
2008 Patricia Farmer St. Lawrence University
2007 April Grant Clarkson University
2006 Kerry Lubold SUNY Plattsburgh
2005 Laura Dominy SUNY Plattsburgh
2004 Betsy Penrose Jefferson Community College
2003 Barbara Sullivan Charter One Bank
2002 Beth Turner St. Lawrence University
2001 Suzanne Davis Clarkson University
2000 Katrina Delgrosso Nellie Mae
1999 Kerrie Cooper SUNY College of Technology at Canton
1998 Mary Ann Dee SUNY Plattsburgh
1997 Nancy Bragg Paul Smith’s College
1996 Carolyn Corcoran SUNY Canton
1995 Laura Dominy SUNY Plattsburgh
1994 Phillip Bisselle St. Lawrence College
1993 Richard Maloney North Country Community College
1992 Suzanne Sokolowski SUNY Plattsburgh

Rising Star Recipients

Region I

2022 Katie Kocis Niagara University
2019 James E. Nowak D'Youville College
2018 Rebecca Detlef Villa Maria College
2017 Elaine Szczepanski Hilbert College
2016 Matthew Metz D'Youville College
2015 Sandra Looker Daemen College
2014 Nicole Griffo University At Buffalo
2013 Sean A. Hudson Canisius College
2011 Christina Horner SUNY Buffalo
2010 Lisa Treman SUNY Buffalo State College
2009 Michele Rizzo Canisius College
2007 Brent McEnroe SUNY Buffalo

Region II

2023 Keri Edsall Alfred State
2019 Lucinda A. Snyder University of Rochester
2018 Tayler J. Kreutter University of Rochester
2016 Deidre Strutz Rochester Institute of Technology
2014 Melissa Casselman Nazareth College
2013 Christian Vernam SUNY College of Technology at Alfred
2012 Laura Formella Nazareth College
2011 BJ Revill Univ of Roch, School of Med
2010 Jane Gilliland SUNY College of Technology at Alfred
2009 Janice Scheutzow Nazareth College
2008 Lisa Papke Genessee Community College
2007 Dan Abbott University of Rochester

Region III

2023 Janet Lafata Syracuse University
2021 Rocky Weintrob SUNY Binghamton University
2020 Maximo A Flint-Morgan Syracuse University
2019 Sean Sherwood SUNY Binghamton University
2018 Karolina Holl Utica College
2017 Cynthia S. Roach Syracuse University
2016 Sarah Macri Berkeley College
2015 Kevin Shults Onondaga Community College
2014 Kelly Henry LeMoyne College
2013 Allison S. Cass Cayuga Community College
2012 Rose Hartson Utica School of Commerce
2011 Michelle Lee Syracuse Univ, Coll of Law
2010 Amy Connors Syracuse University
2009 Darrin Rooker NY Chiropractic College
2008 LaSonya Griggs SUNY Upstate Medical Center
2007 Sean View Hobart & William Smith

Region IV

2021 Moira Samek Fulton-Montgomery Community College
2015 Patrick S Ziegler Wells Fargo/EFS
2014 Randi Moore Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing
2012 Andrea Wedler Albany Law School
2008 Bryan Kelly-Austin College of St. Rose
2007 Ronni Jones Hudson Valley Community College










Region V

2023 Sabrina Hartless

Ashely Ruszczyk
SUNY Ulster

NY Medical College
2017 Cindy S. Garvey St. Thomas Aquinas College
2014 Andy Mantell Mercy College
2011 Amanda Manuel Berkeley College
2010 Anne Gorrick SUNY New Paltz
2009 Perry Brown College of Westchester
2008 Roberta Daskin Sarah Lawrence
2007 Tenisha Smith Marist College













Region VI

2017 Toya Pigford-Konate LIM College
2016 Antigua Middleton Monroe College - Bronx
2014 Allie Urey Collegiate Productions
2013 Katherine R. Kuhl Marymount Manhattan College
2012 Dulce Capellan Julliard School
2009 Wen Juan Huang Julliard School
2008 Ideta Daniel Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons
2007 James Cirillo Fordham University













Region VII

2016 Jeanine Murphy Suffolk Community College - West Campus
2015 Renee B Pelletier SUNY Stony Brook
2014 Ajana Wilkinson Molloy College
2013 Evan Udowitch Touro College - Bay Shore
2012 Ana Lockward Molloy College
2011 Amy Kahn Hofstra University
2010 Stephanie Rovello SUNY Stony Brook
2009 Eugene Rogers Molloy College
2008 Tanya Patterson-Stanley New York College of Osteopathic Medicine
2007 Barbara Hazard SUNY StonyBrook

Region VIII

2022 Hannah Parker St. Lawrence University
2021 Sonya Stein Paul Smith's College
2020 Courtney A. Rust SUNY College of Technology at Canton
2018 Jessica L. Dobson-Tufo Jefferson Community College
2015 Rebecca Vinopal SUNY Potsdam
2014 Carole Jenne Lawrence University
2012 Amanda Prescott SUNY Potsdam
2011 Stacey Hawkins Clarkson University
2010 Shalena Duprey North Country Community College
2009 Mary Ellen Chamberlain Paul Smiths College
2008 B.J. Revill St. Lawrence University
2007 Nick McCook EdAmerica