Find a College

Find a College

Choosing a school of higher education is a daunting decision.  One pathway that works well and is practical is to start by thinking about what you’d like to do in the future for your career. Think about your interests and skills, and then consider what credentials are needed to actually get into that field.

Then, the next step is finding the schools that prepare you for that field through education and training.

As you start thinking about schools, you should consider the types of schools out there and how they can help you achieve your goals.


Are you looking for a college or university?


Are you looking for a trade or technical school?


Are you looking for military colleges and academies?


One of the traditional approaches some students consider is applying to one of the many prestigious CUNY and SUNY schools that offer an enriching curriculum with a diverse student body, and a low-cost option.

  •  CUNY – City Universities and Colleges of New York
  • SUNY – State Universities and Colleges of New York

Other’s want to seek out the more intimate atmosphere of private NYS colleges and universities: