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 Podcast #34 A President’s Farewell and thank you

At the conference, I gave a 5-minute good bye. If you know me, you also know I had much more to say about our success together the last two years and many to thank.

I WOULD BE HONORED if you would listen to this 20 minute 59 second podcast – even more so if you choose to leave a comment/message.

Over the last several days, I have received several emails of appreciation for my leadership – especially during this pandemic. I cannot thank you all enough for those notes, however, please know I did it for you and NYSFAAA – my second family. The family I chose.

On the podcast, as will happen, there are people I forgot to thank. Unbelievably two ladies by the name of Lisa.


Lisa Simpson – where would we all be without Lisa? She is someone we should all thank for her efforts on our behalf as well as her efforts on behalf of the students. I did thank her in two groups but she more than deserves her own personal call out. THANK YOU LISA!

Lisa Leslie, the California Sparks Basketball Star, 4 time Olympic Gold medalist and Model. Actually, I have a different and more important Lisa Leslie, my wife. The one who sees me who through thick and thin and with whom I cannot survive anything.  Thank you my love.


In addition, I forgot to thank some of my special podcast guests over the two years. They include the likes of (but not limited to) Justin Dragger, Aaron Lacey, and Betsey Mayotte. Thank you all.


PLEASE TAKE 21 minutes and listen to this podcast and join me in going through what we did to beat this damn pandemic together and keep NYSFAAA whole.


Best to all and stay safe and healthy,







Building and Maintaining Bridges Between Financial Aid and Student Accounts Staff


This podcast features a living room conversation between Howard and David Glezerman,  the retired assistant vice president and bursar for Temple University, where he was employed for 33 years. He had overall responsibility for billing, collections, and management of student finances. Mr. Glezerman worked in higher education receivables management for 40 years.

The conversation focuses on the importance of the relationship between FA and SA/Bursar at a Institution of Higher Education with several recommendations made of how to accomplish good relationships. Also includes a timely conversation on communications between the two functional areas as well as students during COVID-19 times.


Download  PODCAST 32

Howard’ solo act bringing you up-to-date on this past week’s Executive Council Meeting.


 NYSFAAA Budget passed for 20-21

NYSFAAA VIRTUAL CONFERENCE – to learn more listen to this podcast – IT WILL BE FREE OF CHARGE!

Information regarding some changes to the website and the George Chin Memorial Scholarship

NYSFAAA’s statement supporting the Black Community

And more – good podcast to listen to – not long – right to the point ONLY 21:07 


Betsey Mayotte and Howard talk much more than just our dog and cat,

download PODCAST 31

Betsey is one of the most brilliant people in the student loan industry today. Click here to see her bio. She is also the most generous with her time FOR STUDENTS.

She founded The Institute if Student Loan Advisors (TILSA) and has recently joined with MAPPING Your FUTURE (Cathy Mueller to create a website to assist students and parents during this pandemic. The website “Student Aid Pandemic” can be found on the NYSFAAA website under FA COVID-19 GUIDANCE.

Listen to this Podcast and learn about the resources she has been providing for students, parents and soon FAAs as well as the top serious issues pertaining to COVID-19 and student loan debt.




Podcast #30  New Guidance 


Come listen to prestigious High Education Lawyers, Dennis Cariello (Hogan Marren Babbo and Rose)  and Aaron Lacey (Thompson and Coburn) field questions from; Howard Leslie

Some of the topics covered are:

Distance Education - what does the future look like?

What does the audit guidance really mean?

What is up with the change in guidance regarding CBA?

Official LOAs  - what are the impacts? VA?

Tons of questions pertaining to R2T4 Guidance

Impact on 90-10 rule


What should we do if we are out of compliance with current guidance?

Save Harbor?

Borrower Defense – should we communicate our support for a veto?

College Law Suits



This is a podcast you do not want to miss.




Podcast #29: HEERF Isues in Higher Ed                                                       Download

Come listen to prestigious High Education Lawyer, Dennis Cariello (Hogan Marren Babbo and Rose) field questions from; Howard Leslie, Christopher Barto, Adrienne King, and Kerrie Cooper as it concerns the CARES Act and related COVID-19 FA issues.

Some of the topics covered are:

ED Guidance – why are we confused?

Who is eligible for HEERF – the unanswered questions

Approved Leaves of Absence – problem with the legislation – what to do?

Borrower Defense – interesting insight

College Law Suits


This is a podcast you do not want to miss.


Podcast #28: Very Important Podcast #28                                                                   Download 

Listen to Howard Leslie and Aaron Lacey (Partner Thomson and Coburn LLP) discuss recent guidance from the Education Department, as well as pending legislation in Washington DC, as it pertains to student and administrative relief for the COVIN-19 National Emergency.

Get clarification on what schools can do NOW vs. what they may be able to do in the near FUTURE.

Should schools document what they are doing in response to the current challenges? If yes, should schools be providing all that information to the State, Accreditors and ED?

After lengthy discussions on the Coronavirus, and going into some silver lining predications (such as the final outcomes for institutions of higher education), Aaron spends 15 minutes discussing what Howard originally intended when booking him a month ago. That includesWashington DC activity pertaining to:

The Future of Gainful Employment (yes – not totally gone)

Borrower Defense

State Authorization

Online Learning

Title IX

Then the podcast ends on Howard and Aaron’s thoughts on election impacts.





Podcast #27:  Coronavirus                                                                                        Download

Take a moment to listen to this 30 minute Podcast with Howard interviewing a VP of his college who has been involved with every aspect of the institution – including the Board of Trustees. Brian Maher and Howard Leslie discuss the current situation (Coronavirus) and steps taken to complete the semester and continue to provide excellent customer service.



Podcast #26 Howard Reports on the February 10th Executive Council Meeting.         Download

Learn about New Committee Chair Openings and Website concerns and solutions. The latest on the conferences, past and forth coming.

Of course much more….

Here about the experience of Advocacy Day and the Meeting with HESC/Elsa Magee.

Stay in touch with what is happening and listen to this brief Podcast.



Podcast #25 What is a Bot?                                                   Download 

 Why will all schools and businesses, in general, be left behind if they don’t soon launch a Bot?

 What can a Bot do? What can a Bot not do?

 What are the security risks?

 How do you help keep convert your prospects and  your customers/students and ENSURE CONSISTANCY AND COMPLIANCE AT THE SAME TIME?

 Doing more with less.

 Listen to Howard Interview two industry experts:

Damon Vangelis – Founder and CEO of Ocelot

Ian Leslie – Chief Marketing Officer of Industry West

 And learn the answers to all the above – and more. Also hear Damon speak about the background creation of the NYSFAAA Bot



Podcast #24 Announces a special Holiday Surprise                                            Download

 STARTING IN 2020 NYSFAAA will be offering NASFAA Credentials throughout the state.

 Coming 2020-21 look for us to extend the NASFAA Credential offerings even more so.

 Other things in this Podcast:

 Get updates on:

  1.  Advocacy Day
  2. Novice 2020
  3. Need your feedback
  4. HESC Activities
  5. Upcoming Conferences and more




Podcast #23 - a very special "NYSFAAA" Podcast                        Download


Our very own Chris Bartow, NYSFAAA Chair or Government Relations and NYS HESC’s Executive Vice President, Elsa Magee were recently interviewed by Nat Malkus for his popular and long standing Podcast “The Report Card.”  All parties, including AIE,  have agreed to let us highlight the Podcast on the NYSFAAA website:

TOPIC:  The idea of free college isn’t new. In 2014, President Obama proposed free community college in his State of the Union Address. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had free college plans in the 2016 election, and 2020 Democratic candidates also have plenty of ideas. However, in 2017, New York was the first state to make all 2 and 4-year public colleges free for families who earn up to $125,000 – with some important caveats.

In this episode, host Nat Malkus talks to Elsa Magee of the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation, and Christopher Barto of LIM College, about New York’s experience implementing free college, how colleges have reacted to the program, trade-offs the state had to make, and implementation lessons that states interested in a similar program can learn.

Podcast #22 -                                                                          Download

Listen to a very interesting interview by Howard with Christopher Theodore Rhodes. Who is he? You need to listen to find out. The faint of heart and those who are not open to new ideas of how to pay for education – and most of all COLLEGE EDUCATION – should not listen. NYSFAAA nor Howard endorses Mr. Rhodes, however, he does defend his concepts well and we do not (or Howard does not) disclaim him as he explains his concept called Congressional Order 101.



 Podcast #21 -                                                                         Download

If you can make it through about 5-10 minutes of Executive Council Update you will hear a Conference Update where I put my heart out to you – NYSFAAA.


 Podcast Episode #20 -                                                          Download

Podcast #20 might be the VERY BEST conversational NYSFAAA Podcast ever.

Howard and Kerry Lubold, co-chair of NYSFAAA Mentorship Committee and Associate Director of FA SUNY Plattsburg, discuss Mentorship, Networking, how to get involved and grow as an FA Professional.

There are discussions about the new website functionalities with some gratitude to Ocelot. The real highlight being the tab VIDEOS FOR STUDENTS – EVERYONE SHOULD BE  SHARING THAT RESOURCE WITH STUDENTS/PARENTS/SCHOOL COUNSELORS. In addition, so much more. A wonderful NYSFAAA LIVING ROOM CONVERSATION.

At the end – Howard reveals a top secret. The NYSFAAA Bot’s name – that is launching on Friday.




Podcast Episode #19 -                                                       Download

Podcast #19 starts off with a deep dark secret about Howard OMG.  After a little bit more jibber jabber between Aaron Lacey (brilliant Financial Aid Lawyer extreme), Christopher Bartow (NYSFAAA Chair of Government  Relations and VP of Government Relations and Community Outreach LIM College) and Howard, they get down to the real business. They discuss the insanity of the third Borrower Defense to Repayment Regulations recently published. Will there be BDR4? Is there early implementation? Which loans does this impact? Does this impact your school? You might be surprised to hear that answer.


Podcast Episode #18 -  

Podcast #18 covers many things. Enjoy a brief from the last Executive Counsel Meeting. Hear about all the great new technology that is coming your way.

Then your Podcast magically turns into a video cast that provides a review of your new website with a primary focus on HOW TO USE THE NYSFAAA LISTSERV. This is a Podcast everyone must hear/watch.




Podcast Episode #17 -  

Even though we start with some good old western movie chatter Aaron Lacey (Financial Aid Lawyer for Thomson and Coburn) covers:

  • Gainful Employment - Is GE really gone for now or is there an injunction coming?
  • Borrower Defense - What you probably don't know but need to  
  • State Authorization - are you doing the right thing for you online programs?
  • Accreditation - What's up and when?
  • TIX - How complicated can it get?

Podcast 17 refers to the following links, provided for your convenience:







Podcast Episode #16 - Happy Sweet Podcast #16. If you are reading this and listening to the Podcast the website launch was successful. Come listen to some of the inside dope on the building of the website, Howard’s 8.5 week’s out of 10 on the road which included EASFAA and NYSFAAA Counsel meetings (summary of both meetings provided). Learn about the NYSFAAA June budget meeting and process and most of all learn who gets the most angry when Howard is away from home this much. 


Podcast Episode #15 - Podcast #15 features the Three co-chairs of NYSFAAA’s Statewide Training Committee as well as your 2nd Vice President.

Come listen to a very relaxed, fun and informative conversation about not only SWT but also many issues that NYSFAAA faces such as participation in regional meetings. Here how wonderful the EASFAA conference was and how important it is to network.

Learn at little about NASFAA’s Certified Financial Aid (CFAA) program – which is being officially rolled out next month. Will everyone be required to be Certified?

ALSO – last but not least – we end with a BIG IMPORTANT NYSFAAA ANNOUNCEMENT.



Podcast Episode #14 - Podcast Episode #14 is PART 2 of the interview with David Sheridan regarding the almost 40 higher education recommendations made and shared with Congress by the HEC50 – as promised. See all the details listed in archives Podcast #12. In PART 1 we discussed the HEC50 recommendations on the topics of ACCESS and ACCOUNTABILITY. In PART 2 our focus turns to AFFORDABILITY and TRANSPARENCY. If you have not listened to episode #12 yet I suggest you do so before listening to this one – PART 2. Download


Podcast Episode #13 - Podcast #13 is all about NYSFAAA going to a NEW WEBSITE PLATFORM. It is very exciting and there is much work to be done. Listen to Howard as he interviews Amelia – a key member of the MemberClicks team – MemberClicks being the new platform on which our NYSFAAA WEBSITE will reside. Learn about all the new functionalities you will have. Also, if you want to be able to say you helped build NYSFAAA’s new website – HELP WANTED. Download


Podcast Episode #12 - This week’s very special episode is PART 1 OF 2 about NASFAA’s HEC50 final paper "https://www.highereducationcommitteeof50.org/. Join me, and Christopher Barto, as we interview our very own David Sheridan (of Columbia University and a NYSFAAA member) who is one of the 50. NASFAA put the 50 together, with help from the Gates Foundation, to come up with the resulting 40 recommendations on


During this first episode we discuss Access and Accountability. Next time we will get to Affordability and Transparency. This was a very interesting and engaging conversation – listen and spread the word. These recommendations could likely shape reauthorization.



Podcast Episode #11 - Podcast Episode #11 is brief but contains a lot of important information about what occurred at last week’s 3 hour plus Executive Council Meeting.

Executive Council Voted on:
1 – A new Website Host
2 – A new Conference App
3 – A Bot for our website
4 – Where and when our 2020 Conference will be


If you do not tend to listen to these Podcasts – this is a short one with plenty of info.



Podcast Episode #10 - Episode 10 is a discussion with a VA Benefits Professional. Listen to get some clarification on the GI Bill, 100% vs. Less than – the TA Programs, Voc Rehab and much more. Download


Podcast Episode #9 - Podcast Episode #9 is an enlightening interview with Aaron Lacey, Education Partner with Thompson and Coburn. Howard and Aaron discuss the President’s Executive Order, the data driven world that we live in with the majority of time focused on the Borrower, Defense to Repayment – Learn from Aaron how this regulation IMPACTS EVERY INSTITUTION! Download


Podcast Episode #8 - This Podcast is an interview with special guest Betsy Mayotte who is the Founder of the Institute of Student Loan Advisors. Learn how she/you can help your students with loan repayment. Also, don’t forget to register for the May 2nd related NYSFAAA Webinar. Download


Podcast Episode #7 - This Podcast, with a panel of three experts, Aaron Lacey, Christopher Barto, Donna Gurnett and Susan Nesbitt Perez take a deep dive into what is happening in Washington DC and NYS Regulations and Pending Budgets and Laws.

Learn the latest on GE, Borrower Defense to Repayment, TIX, Current Neg Reg, Several NYS Initiatives, Both the Federal and State Budgets and all our Predications on the HEA Reauthorization.


Podcast Episode #6 - NYSFAAA goes to NASFAA Leadership Conference and the Congress with 100s of other FAAs. Learn about how to graduate to a Directors Level, Leadership Skills and MORE. Special Guest Marie Johnson EASFAA President Elect. Download


Podcast Episode #5 - This brief Podcast will introduce you to NYSFAAA's Strategic Plan for 2017-20. Your input and comments are wanted. THIS IS YOUR PLAN!! THIS IS YOUR FUTURE!! Download


Podcast Episode #4 - This Podcast is a look into what happens at a NYSFAAA Executive Council Meeting and a summary of Monday February 11th's Meeting in Albany + Advocacy Day on 2/12 Download


Podcast Episode #3 - Learn about improving Customer Service with Communication Plans - Also Howard's Guests Top 3 concerns about FA Download


Podcast Episode #2 - An interview with Justin Draeger. Discussion includes the importance of Advocacy on both the State and Federal level. Also discussed is the importance of Leadership and an opportunity to visit the HILL Download


Podcast Episode #1 - Introduction to NYSFAAA Podcast and a brief summary of some of the 50th Anniversary Awards. The New Presidents Mantra Download